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Suggestins for a low cost extreamly rural wireless communications solution?

So… I have some family land that is in the absolute middle of the boonies. It’s got your basic travel trailer living quarters that sports a 12V car battery that is kept charged by a small solar panel. It provides enough juice for a weekend camping trip.

It is possible to get a cell signal at the campsite if you place a yagi style antenna on a large pole and have a phone that will except a direct external antenna connection. This, however, is quite inconvenient as one must be tethered to the antenna.

A repeater would be ideal, but those things run well over $500.

A satellite internet connection with wireless router and a VIOP phone would work but we are talking a couple of hundred for installation plus a minimum of $30 per month. This is way to much for a place that only gets used a couple of times a year.

Any creative suggestions for a low cost wireless communications solution for this very rural low use location?

Have you tried one of the Verizon Wireless cards? you can replace the antenna on those. If that works, you can connect it to a Kyocera mobile router that costs about $120.00 bucks and that way you can get Wifi for everyone for about $60.00 bucks a month.

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Chapter: Solar Energy :: 8 July 2005