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Quick Facts About House Lizard

house lizard

  • A house lizard is also called a gecko. It is a secretive creature that feeds on insects.
  • It belongs to a particular non-speckled species that is able to change its body color to either black or beige depending on the color of the surface they are on. It will change to a black color when the background is dark or switch to beige when its background is a lighter color.
  • Researchers have found that the toes of a gecko are densely packed with half a million fine hairs. At the end of each hair splits up to 1000 filaments, each just 200 billionths of a meter wide. Which means the gecko foot has about 500 million tiny branches making contact with a surface. It can adhere to literally any surface, even polished glass and mirrors!
  • Atomic bonding is the reason behind the gecko’s sticky feet. There is an attraction between molecules at the ends of the gecko’s toe hairs and on the contact surface.
  • The process of shedding all or part of their tails is called autotomy – an action intended to scare off predators.
  • There are as many as 850 species of geckos worldwide.
  • House lizards turn into pests when they start taking tours around our homes in search of food and leave traces of their feces anywhere, not just on the wall but on tabletops and sofas as well. Their feces are brown when fresh, black when hardened and always accompanied by a distinctive white dot of uric acid.

Chapter: Animals & Insects :: 25 April 2007

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