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Exercise Changes Your DNA

New research published in the journal Cell Metabolism shows that when healthy but inactive men and women exercise even briefly, it produces an immediate change in their DNA.

Though the underlying genetic code in human muscle does not change with exercise, but the DNA molecules within those muscles are chemically and structurally altered in very important ways.

Science Daily reports:

“Those modifications to the DNA at precise locations appear to be early events in the genetic reprogramming of muscle for strength and, ultimately, in the structural and metabolic benefits of exercise…

Epigenetic modifications that turn genes on and back off again can be incredibly flexible events. They allow the DNA in our cells to adjust as the environment shifts.”

Interestingly, caffeine was also found to exert a similar effect on muscles, like exercise.

Source: Science Daily, 6 March 2012

Chapter: Exercise for Health :: 2 April 2012