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Book Feature :: Death by Modern Medicine

Death by Modern Medicine by Carolyn Dean

“Death by Modern Medicine” goes far beyond the statistics of deaths due to drugs. It shows how the allopathic medical monopoly has created a Health Care system that fails to encourage good health, especially by prevention. The book documents the tales of propaganda, health care bureaucracy, and the focus on profits instead of healing. It shows, statistically, that the number 1 killer in North America, is in fact, one of the most heavily regulated products, services and facilities industry in North America – The Allopathic Medical Disease Industry.

You will find, in this 400 plus page book, the starting steps to understanding the difference between a “profit from disease” health care focused business and a patient centered health care system. “Death by Modern Medicine” provides the evidence from the “Allopathic Investment Industrys” own data that the worst “Pandemic” in modern times is deliberately not only created, but also perpetuated by the “Allopathic Disease Investment Industry ” interests, AND by government and public sector unions.

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Chapter: Health :: 27 November 2011